UnAmerican At Best, Treason At Worst

The two biggest political decisions to bring our nation to a turning point, with only the Trump Administration now beginning to upright the slide, were the 1965 Immigration Act, which started the mass immigration of the Turn of the 21st Century -- both legal and illegal, as they feed off of one another -- & the 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, which brought about the huge vanishing of American innocents descended from the Revolutionary War Era and before, and effectively replaced them with foreigners to fill the void.  These decisions pretty much dented the long generational genealogy of America by a third, but the liberals are not done yet, as they now want to halve that through their ultra-liberal globalism and eventually quadruple, and run it even further down.

The Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, according to columnist Froma Harrop in today's Seattle Times, has one upped the radicals that are calling for Open Borders, as th…

Rep. Kristine Reeves Commingles With Open Borders Radicals

Kristine Reeves, whose words and legislative actions or non-actions reflect a Globalist philosophy, is following through by commingling with some of the biggest "open borders" advocates in the U.S. Congress, Pramila Jayapal and Adam Smith, the Washington state congresspersons who are aligning together to abolish I.C.E., the border enforcement agency.  Jayapal's and Smith's bill amount to treason, pretty much, as a land without borders is, in fact, not a nation at all.  Reeves is endorsed by Smith, and she has communicated Jayapal's pronouncements at least once.  See my campaign website for an alternative to Reeves in the District 30, Position 2 Legislative race of 2018.  Next vote: Primary: August 7, 2018.

A Party For Commoners

Welcome to the American National blog of the Party of Commons, a party for all American commoners who believe what our motto says: Tradition, Progress, Ecology: Strength & Nation.  This party is culturally or socially conservative, economically populist, anti-interventionist by and large, protectionist & semi-isolationist, and believes in keeping America libertine, westernized and Anglophone with Christian values.  This year, the party is in alliance with the G.O.P., a pro-life party.  The party believes in the Unified America of Lincoln & Grant, and the Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution, the 14th and 15th Amendments, as well as, of course, the preceding 13th Amendment, that came a few months before Reconstruction.  All of these are great amendments!  Let's proceed to keep America unified and great, and to have civil and constructive political interaction and debate with all of our friends, supporters and political opponents, the latter being, hopefully, th…